Enterprise Ready

PolyprepLMS is ready for wide adoption amongst enterprise buyers as the features which matter most to organizations are available. SeekLMS supports role-based access control, security, audit logging, integrations, comprehensive reporting, SLA based Support, single sign-on and more.


At PolyprepLMS, we take security seriously and we are committed to delivering a secure, reliable and always available learning management system.

Secure Connection using SSL

All PolyprepLMS accounts come with wildcard SSL certificate enabled. Secure Socket Layer(SSL) enables you to encrypt data that is transferred to and from your SeekLMS. We can enable custom SSL certificates for your custom domain or vanity URL for a safe and personalized experience.

Strong Passwords

You can enforce strong passwords with minimum length, upper case letter, lower case letter, and number. You can set rules for password change interval. Accounts can be locked after a number of failed attempt for a specified period of time.

Role-based access control

Users can be learners, staff or administrators. Staff can be assigned one or more of the following groups.

  1. Instructor
  2. Coordinator
  3. Content Manager
  4. Sales
  5. Support
  6. Blogger
  7. Website Administrator

Identify and Access Management

Set up a single sign-on (SSO) to authenticate users on your PolyprepLMS account by letting them use their existing credentials. Simplify account management by enabling SSO to work with your existing databases like Active Directory or social accounts like Google and Facebook.

Audit Logs

PolyprepLMS maintains a timeline of all system actions (what, by whom and when) for audit purpose. Useful filters on events, course, time range, users etc makes it easier to review the logs. Administrators can also check the timeline of specific users from the user profile dashboard.


You can create branches or affiliates with its own users, admins and courses to replicate the training environment as per your departments, groups, affiliates or locations in your organization. This kind of segmentation may help you streamline your training resources and reporting requirements.


With PolyprepLMS, you can automate many of your administrative tasks. This brings in scale and efficiency and keeps overheads down.

Auto Assignments

Courses can be auto-assigned based on learner groups. Assessment plans with automated drip schedules can be created. The Learning path of courses automatically guides learners through the training program.

Certificate Generation

You can set up an automated generation of certificate and notification to learners on course completion. This reduces lead time between course completion and certificate generation to zero.

Feedback Collection

Automate Feedback collection by configuring course ratings popups or surveys to show up after certain part of the course is completed or at the end of course.

Support and Helpdesk

At PolyprepLMS we understand that our software is critical to your business and we are committed to be available when you need our help. All accounts come with standard email support and comprehensive helpdesk with FAQs. You can raise a support ticket easily from the LMS or by sending us an email. Premium support plans with phone support, dedicated account manager and SLAs are available for Enterprise customers.