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"College Automation System" is now become an integral asset of any academic institution and this is the need of hour. It will help in various accreditations process, quality parameters and when our stakeholders are at distant such as:

About College Automation System

"College Automation System" is now become an integral asset of any academic institution and this is the need of hour.
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Accreditation Advantage

As we all are aware that now NAAC and NBA accreditation is becoming mandatory for all academic institutions and the colleges who are under the process or already accredited may get maximum advantage of College automation system in terms of various reports like gender wise/ category wise/ religion wise admission data, alumni data, event & activities documents etc.

New Education Policy

New Education Policy- 2020 focuses technology enabled teaching learning process, in this context college automation system can support to them to achieve the goal.


Institutions have realised the power of CAS solution in this COVID-19 pandemic and definitely those who were already using such platform have got the mileage over others.

Relevant Information

All stakeholders of the institution can get the relevant information by implementing CAS system.

Modules Under College Automation System

COLLEGE AUTOMATION SYSTEM (COLLEGE ERP) is Centralized, Role Based and Secure System Hosted on Cloud. There are several Modules inside COLLEGE AUTOMATION SYSTEM (COLLEGE ERP) that will facilitate the College Employee and the Students of the university to automate the manual process.
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College Dynamic and Vibrant Web-Portal

Allow the college administration to create,modify and make dynamic changes their web-portal.

ERP Master Administration

Through this system prospective candidates would be able to post their enquiry for the courses run by the colleges and they can fill online admission form as well.

Online Enquiry & Admission System

Through this system prospective candidates would be able to post their enquiry for the courses run by the colleges and they can fill online admission form as well.

Student Information System

This section will deal with all the information pertaining to a student such as personal, academic as well as digital document and student report generation as per different criteria like state, category, religion, gender etc.

Fee Management System

Using this section all types of fee under different heads can be collected from the student through online using college provided Payment Gateway and can generate different types of reports.

Academic System

It would be an automated academic system through which subjects can be assigned to students & faculties; faculties can fill attendance & distribute e-content. Faculties will capable to create question bank under different subject topics, design model paper from them for students & schedule answer submission, design online quizzes for students using question bank etc.

Document Procurement System

This system is capable enough to procure documents in categorized form digitally into the system, retrieval as and when required such as confidential (affiliation, approval etc), faculty achievements (FDPs/ Conference/ Seminar/ Refresher/ Orientation/ Induction Programes/ Publication etc.).

Transport Management System

This section will deal with college transport such as number of vehicles, their types, different routes in which vehicles are running, students can be allotted to different vehicles which are running in selected routes.

Hostel Management System

Different type of hostels can be setup in this system such as hostel allocation, hostel room capacity, and Room numbers.

Alumni Management System

Alumni system to collect and organize the data of alumnus so that college and its existing students can take the advantage of this database in better placement as well as career guidance..

Stock Management System

This section of the whole system transacts with stock of the college under different funded projects such as purchase head, supplier, location, purchase entry, stock info, stock issued/ return and stock verification etc.

Library Management System

It would be used to manage/ organize the record of college library in such a way so that book issue return can be done easily. Report of daily issue & return of books etc. .

Grievance Redressal System

Grievance Redressal System can be handled directly by institutes through their own website. Also the smart web portal for grievance processing connects students and action-takers directly through online platform. Grievance System helps to pursue quick action for solving the grievance, while maintaining affordability and ease to the users. .

Online Recruitment System

This system will handle the recruitment process of employees for the college. In this system applicants are applying for job opening through online mode with their personal, educational, research & publication data and college can filter such candidates for the further process..

Training & Placement

This system would support the college placement cell to record the information of company visited for the campus placement drive, their job offerings, selected students etc.


The strategic technical considerations for the envisaged College Automation System (College ERP) are:
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Cloud based system

The ERP is hosted on cloud for accessibility by the college authorities using assigned login ID. The online secure server is provided by client or by us.

Role based & Secured Application

ERP would be a secured system with defined roles for staff/users of different levels.

Integrated and Secured database

Different components of ERP would be appropriately integrated and each component should have a secured system.

Access Points

Each concerned department would have access to the ERP.


The ownership of the database will be of the College.

Back Up

There would be a provision of periodical backup of database with backup server.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate enabled Web Portal. Which provide layer of security

Time schedule

The time allotted for completing different functional components of the ERP are strictly followed & timely deployed.

Future Expansion

The solution will be used for automating all the functions of the college as listed above and will meet future expansions in terms of programs, departments, centres, scale of student intake capacity, etc.