Combination of Creativity with Technology by utilizing the adequate components helps our manufacturing sector clients run their business with full efficiency and provides smooth process !!

Softpro is one of the leaders in providing customized solutions to manufacturing industry. One of the biggest clients of Softpro from manufacturing sector is Karam Industries (P N International), manufacturers of safety equipment’s. Softpro with its customized software solutions for manufacturing sector has provided multiple solutions to Karam Industries such as:

1. Karam Preventive Maintenance.

2. Karam Organizational Internal Alert Software.

3. Karam HRMS.

4. Karam Maintenance Software .

5. Karam Alert System .

6. Karam Support System .

7. Karam Tool Room Management .

8. Karam Work Safety .

The add - on features include the following :

Softpro offers a wide range of customized applications to cater the needs of Manufacturing sector clients for the smooth running of the processes. Softpro, render high quality customized solutions in the manufacturing industry.

Softpro deliver services from reviewing, planning, implementation to application development and maintenance support. Our skilled professionals have extensive experience and diversified knowledge that helps deliver optimum results by overcoming all business challenges.

In addition to this, Softpro has worked with an ample number of companies in various sectors and has provided expert solution.

Key Features :

1. Making change to a running business and adding functionality to it is a quite challenging task which is efficiently done by Softpro. The company makes sure that your system run properly and adopts changes too resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

2. Easy-to-use interface helps staff members to perform their task faster and easier than before.

3. The Creative IT solutions help save time, money and resources.

4. We aim at improving every aspect of Insurance company right from design to development and implementation.

5. Excellent technical support.

6. Wage calculation software.

7. Strict time management.