Deliver Learning effectively

Choose the delivery mode which works for you. Manage enrollment, scheduling, track progress and communicate effectively with learners.

Self Study

Web Conference

In campus


Flexible Delivery Modes

You can choose the delivery mode which best suits your course:

  • Self Study
  • Webconference
  • In campus
  • Blended

Manage Enrolments

You can enroll learners in multiple ways:

  • Send an email invitation with an enrolment link.
  • Import users from excel.
  • Create a course catalog for self enrolment.
  • Collect course fees during enrollment

Invite Users

Import Users

Self Enrolment

Collect course fees

Communicate effectively with built-in tools


Promote collaboration, and offer individuals room to explore topics, issues, and questions. You can monitor multiple discussion threads easily through consolidated discussion dashboard.

Notifications & Messages

Configure notifications for events like class reminder, assessment reminder, grading, certification etc. and customize the content of the messages. You can also exchange individual messages on demand.

Surveys & Ratings

Collect feedback through automated or on-demand surveys. Configure automated pop-ups to gather course ratings from learners in star or NPS format.

Track Learner Progress

LMS generates a progress score for learners based on modules completed. Each course module can be set up with specific module completion criteria including quizzes, assignments, time spent etc. You can also configure drip assesments through a pre-configured assessment plan and track the progress of the learner as per this plan.

Certifications made easier

Configure template

Choose from existing templates or design your own and plugin the configurable fields. You can configure specific templates for specific courses.

Stop manual generation

You can set up automated generation of certificate and notification to learners on course completion. Certificates can also be generated on demand.

Secure by design

You can turn on unique numbering or keys for certificates. Embedding verification links in certificates is also supported.